life is full of tiny victories

We are friends and we love each other but we can’t help but compete.  From buttons and beads to careers and families there’s always a tiny victory to be had somewhere. We are girls in glasses c/uthat small and we know it.  Though we didn’t know it for ages and once we realised what we were both up to it became an endless source of amusement.  

We have decided to share these absurd tales with you, hoping you may be able to have a laugh at our expense or even tell us about your own tiny victories. Ridiculous, inexplicable, unspoken competitions with the people you love. 

Why do we do this? We like to think it’s an entirely natural reaction to modern life, tell us you feel the same or send money for therapy.



4 responses to “life is full of tiny victories

  1. SK

    very insightful and appealing…

    also curious to know where R picked up the expression “she’d rather eat one than be one?”

  2. Buzzyboy Ding-Dong

    A very enjoyable read indeed, but I can’t tell who is winning?
    You need a points system you could maybe develop into a Top Trumps game.
    Keep up the one-upmanship you scoundrels!

  3. Dr_Strangelove

    This just goes to show that ‘sibling rivalry’ is clearly not just confined to those who share genetic material.

    A few years ago a friend of mine was in a similar situation, but he had spread himself too thin, fighting to many battles on too many fronts… Cameras & Computers with Me, Cars and Snowboarding with another friend and Plasma Screens and Home Cinema with his Father-In-Law, in the end he had to give up, but still managed to delude himself in to believing that he hadn’t lost out to any of us in the process.

    Be sure to chose your battles well… and costumes would be fun for the pics… especially with a monthly theme?

    Though it is all a bit like a giant clash of lifestyles, the married parent vs the wanton bohemian, each glancing in a slightly jealous way at what the other has, whilst still proclaiming that their way is the better life. Which in the end means that we can only benefit from this.

  4. compfriend

    K: wanton bohemian? not sure how to take that. Although this comment has given me something to aim for… a combination of the two… wanton bohemian parent…

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